When you are facing an injury or ailment of the ankle or foot, there are several different therapies that can be used as treatment. Depending on what type of foot or ankle problem you may be suffering, the type of therapy you receive will differ. Learn more about each therapy type below. Contact Renuva Xtremity to schedule an appointment with our expert foot doctor! We will be able to determine the foot condition you have, and what treatment option is best for you.

This is a standard treatment option to remove warts. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and kill the tissue of the wart and is a quick procedure. If you have a wart you want removed, cryotherapy could be a great therapy option for you.

This type of therapy is used to treat plantar fasciitis, or chronic heel pain. Extracorporeal shock wave (ESWT) therapy uses sonic waves in the area of pain. This is similar to the device used to non-surgically treat kidney stones. ESWT is prescribed to patients that have not benefited from other conservative treatments. This method is used to stimulate a healing response by the body.

Physical therapy can help with a variety of ailments and injuries. It can decrease the pain and swelling in the foot and ankle. Along with physical therapy, using heat packs, paraffin baths, electrical stimulation, and diathermy can help to relieve pain, increase range of motion, rebuild muscle strength, and realign the foot.

This is a procedure that treats excessive sweating in the hands and feet. A light electrical current is passed through water into the feet, the current will increase until the patient experiences a slight tingling sensation. It is believed that this plugs sweat glands.

This is a therapeutic procedure that is used to treat neuromas. This treatment uses seven weekly injections of ethanol mixed with a local anesthetic. Nerve tissue will absorb the ethanol and become toxic, destroying the pain-causing nerve.

Depending on the foot or ankle problem you are facing, one of these therapies could help provide you relief. If you have been dealing with foot or ankle pain or some other type of problem, be sure to contact Renuva Xtremity. We can help diagnose your condition and help you determine the best treatment options. We can treat a variety of different conditions and can answer any questions you may have!