Flat Foot Treatment in Memphis

At Renuva Xtremity in Memphis, we offer a variety of foot correction procedures and surgeries. Flat foot is a common problem that many people deal with. Adult-acquired flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction usually leads to a gradual loss of the arch. The posterior tibial muscle is a deep muscle in the back of the calf and has a long tendon that extends from above the ankle and attaches into several sites around the arch of the foot. The muscle acts like a stirrup on the inside of the foot to help support the arch. The posterior tibial muscle stabilizes the arch and creates a rigid platform for walking and running. If the posterior tibial tendon becomes damaged or tears, the arch loses its stability and as a result, collapses, causing a flatfoot.

At Renuva Xtremity in Memphis, we can help correct your flat foot. Dr. Nathan Lucas and our team of experts can help you find the best treatment option for your flat foot. Schedule an appointment today.

Surgery is often performed to give the patient a more functional and stable foot. Several procedures may be required to correct a flatfoot deformity, depending on the severity of the problem. These may include:

  • Tenosynovectomy – A procedure to clean away (debridement) and remove any of the inflamed tissue around the tendon.
  • Osteotomy – Removal of a portion of the heel bone (calcaneus) to move the foot structure back into alignment.
  • Tendon Transfer – A procedure in which replacement fibers from another tendon are inserted to help repair damage.
  • Lateral Column Lengthening – A procedure that implants a small piece of bone, usually removed from the hip, outside of the heel bone to create the proper bone alignment and rebuild the arch.
  • Arthrodesis – Fusing of one or more bones together to eliminate any joint movement, which stabilizes the foot and prevents any further deterioration or damage.

One unique treatment option that we offer at Renuva Xtremity is a procedure called Extra-Osseous Talotarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) with HyProCure. This is a minimally invasive, soft tissue procedure that stabilizes the foot internally. This treatment is more effective than orthotics and much less traumatic than reconstructive surgery. This treatment can be done in 20 minutes and only requires a few weeks of recovery. 

The HyProCure is a small titanium stent that is placed into the sinus tarsi. A small incision is made below the outer ankle bone for the HyProCure to be placed. It works by realigning the foot and restoring the joint’s natural motion. 

This procedure is safe for pediatric patients as young as three years old, as well as adults. This is a great alternative to the different procedures listed above, has a success rate of 94%, and has been scientifically proven to: 

  • – Reduce high-pressure areas on the bottom of the foot
  • – Restore and improve the arch of the foot


It is important to get your flat foot problem taken care of because it will only cause more problems in the future. There is no evidence that flat feet can be outgrown, and they will likely worsen over time. Every step a person with flat feet takes, an excessive amount of force is pushing the ankle out of alignment. Flat feet can lead to more strain and misalignment throughout the body, including in the knees, hips, pelvis, and back. 

Getting your flat feet corrected can help you feel less pain and help to restore the arch in your feet. If you are interested in trying HyProCure to correct your flat feet, be sure to contact Renuva Xtremity in Memphis. Dr. Nathan Lucas is a podiatric surgeon who can help solve your foot and ankle problems.

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