The fifth or baby toe can have a variety of deformities that are not only cosmetically unattractive, but can be a major source of discomfort and shoe fitting problems. Because it can get the most pressure and rubs directly inside shoes or sandal straps more than any other toe, the fifth toe can be one’s sole source of foot problems and is termed “the tyranny of the little toe.” Besides being unsightly, there is also often redness, bursitis, pain, and thick corns. Destruction of the nail and fungal infection can occur. Often the toe is curved and underlapping the fourth toe with the nail directed to the outside, rather than upwards. Surgically correcting this deformity with a derotation of the toe can successfully improve the appearance and position of the toe. When the toe is rigidly contracted with a sharp bone spur or inflamed bursal sac, the toe becomes fat, painful, and interferes with shoe wear. Aesthetic correction of toe can be performed to reduce the deformity and relieve the symptoms.

Because no two feet are alike, each patient deserves individualized attention and a procedure geared towards their specific situation and goals may be proposed.

If your baby toe has any deformities, our team at Renuva Xtremity in Memphis can help! Dr. Nathan Lucas can find the right way to perform your fifth toe correction surgery so that you can feel better about your feet. Contact us today and schedule your appointment now!

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