The health of our staff and our patients is our number one concern at Renuva Xtremity Foot and Ankle Care and due to the high cases of flu outbreaks and the recent announcements of new coronavirus cases in Tennessee including Shelby County we want to stay vigilant and remain prepared for what’s to come.

Although there is no immediate threat to the Shelby County community according to the Shelby County Health Officials we know by adding extra precautionary sanitizing protocols to our office and exam rooms will allow our staff and patients to remain healthy and safe.

Below we have included some answers to questions you may have before your next appointment.


Q. What are you doing to combat Coronavirus in your office?

A. According to the Federal Government and the CDC, currently there is no vaccine or cure for Coronavirus, however our office is following all of the CDC guideline screenings for patients prior to their visit to our office.
• For years we have had an outside professional cleaning crew clean and sanitize our office at the end or beginning of each day. 
• We have always practiced our regular sanitizing protocol of each exam room which includes disinfecting our exam rooms after every patient visit.
• In addition to that we have increased our cleaning protocol in the waiting room by adding disinfective cleanings of frequently touched areas before and/or after lunch hours.

Q. Are your waiting room chairs 6 feet apart as suggested by the CDC?

A. We have made the appropriate social distancing accommodations to adhere to NIH and CDC recommended guidelines

In addition, we screen all of our patients before every visit by asking the suggested CDC questions for healthcare providers.

• We also have handsanitizer, liquid soap and Clorox wipes available throughout the office for any patient who may request or need them.

Q. What should I do or what happens if I feel sick after leaving your office?

A. We suggest every patient follow the CDC guidelines when it comes to their personal health while protecting themselves from COVID-19.
• If you or anyone you know experience flu like symptoms including (coughing, fever, chills or shortness of breath) at ANYTIME we suggest you contact your primary care physician or the CDC for further medical attention and/or instructions.

We understand your concerns and welcome all of your questions and want you to know that we take your health and the health of our staff very seriously.

Below is a link to the CDC for further education on COVD-19 and how to remain healthy.

We thank you for your trust and continued business and look forward to seeing you during your next visit. We will remain open during regular office hours Monday- Friday.

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