Ankle Braces in Memphis

When a sports injury occurs, the use of an ankle brace for patients might be needed. Ankle sprains are one of the most prevalent orthopedic injuries—you’ve probably experienced it at least once in your life. Ankle braces can help prevent repeated injury by stabilizing the ankle and limiting the range of motion. In doing so, added stress won’t be added to your ankle to promote healing. Choosing the right ankle brace in Memphis is important. Contact Dr. Nathan Lucas for more information on choosing the right ankle brace for your injury.

Diabetic Shoes in Memphis, TN

It is important that people living with diabetes receive the attention they need to better protect their feet. To help avoid ulcers and other debilitating effects of neuropathy, Dr. Nathan Lucas often recommends diabetic shoes for patients.

The use of diabetic shoes provides a list of benefits including:

  • Improved circulation – Improper fitting shoes cause poor circulation, leading to severe complications for diabetics.
  • Prevention of foot ulcers – Callouses and foot ulcers occur when shoes do not properly fit. By wearing diabetic shoes, your feet have plenty of room to be healthy and avoid painful conditions.
  • Eliminating unknown injuries – Since the feet of people with diabetes can become numb, they sustain foot injuries without even knowing it. Diabetic shoes help prevent these injuries.

If you suffer from diabetes, schedule an appointment in Dr. Lucas in Memphis, TN for diabetic shoe consultation. With a good pair of diabetic shoes, you can further protect your feet from harm.