#LosAngelesCA #MemphisTN Hello friends in Los Angeles and Memphis! Doctor Nathan Lucas here. I would like to talk to you today about dermophytes.

Without being a podiatrist like me, the regular layman is not familiar with the definition of a dermophyte. It’s certainly not a word that one uses every day. However, at the same time, dermophytes might be trying to latch on your body each day without you knowing it!

A dermophyte is a fungi that is a part of the mold and yeast family. People who suffer with excessive sweating, have improper footwear or socks that keep their feet moist are a target environment for dermophytes. If the fungi happens to attach itself to the nail, it does not let go very easily.

The best thing that one can do who has been attacked by fungal issues is to visit a foot doctor like yours truly. I invite you to see me at my Los Angeles and Memphis office at your convenience.

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