#LosAngelesCA #MemphisTN Never make assumptions. That’s today’s tip in our three-part series on ankle sprains.

Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, your local foot expert in Los Angeles and Memphis.

Sometimes when people suffer an ankle sprain, they may think, “Well, it’s just a sprain. It will heal on its own.” BIG mistake! You may be dealing with hidden problems that warrant immediate attention and not even know it. What kind of problems? Well, chip fractures, toe  fractures, or even a high ankle sprain, which is more serious than a regular sprain.

The solution: Always see a podiatrist whenever you suffer an injury to the foot. I hope that you will choose me, Doctor Lucas and my office here in Los Angeles and Memphis. Get a FREE Consultation by calling California (310) 533-9400 Tennessee (901) 309-8898 or clicking the link below

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